Intro to SunPower.


Changing the way our world is powered.  Financially sound and stable company with headquarters in Silicon Valley. More than 30 years of industry leadership with one of the largest residential and commercial installer bases in the United States. Over 500,000 residential installations worldwide with over 7 million panels installed across the globe in every climate imaginable.


Efficiency, Elegance and Flexibility.


  • SunPower has the most efficient panels on the market with efficiency ratings above 22% producing more energy in the same space over the first 25 years over conventional panels
  • Elegant panel design with aesthetics in mind means you don’t have to sacrifice curb appeal
  • Offset more of your bill to increase potential flexibility for electric car charging or future family and home additions
  • Offering the SunPower Equinox system, the only complete home solar system designed and engineered by one company

Better Warranty, Production and Installers.


  • 25-year Combined Power and Product Warranty
  • SunPower covers the warrantied replacement, shipping and installation
  • No warranty restritions for coastal applications
  • Minimum 87% of original performance in year 25 compared to Conventional Panels’ 80%
  • More electricity at high temperatures and throughout the day with better energy conversion across the light spectrum
  • SunPower installation partners are the elite of the solar industry, rigorously selected, trained and certified

Get a customized solar system to fit your needs

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