LG Solar

Top-Class Solar Modules and Battery Storage Designed to Deliver Long-lasting Power, Efficiency and Reliability for You


Intro to LG Solar.

With more than fifty years of experience in pioneering electronical technology, LG Electronics has a strong history of harnessing the power of solar energy.

Perks, advantages, etc.

  • Extraordinary durability the reinforced frame construction can cope with extreme weather conditions, including snow and wind
  • Lightweight at 17 kg (37.4 pounds), LG panels can be fitted on roofs with low static weight-bearing capacity
  • High output with fewer cells, and high efficiency even in poor light.  LG panels are more efficient than many other panels in cloudy weather
  • Improved performance temperature coefficients providing reliable power generation even in very hot weather
  • LG’s aesthetic design made from high-quality materials improve the look of your roof

LG Chem RESU Energy Storage System.

  • LG Chems’ RESU10 battery is an advanced energy storage solution capable of providing emergency backup power while also saving electricity costs
  • The battery can charge during off-peak times and discharge during peak energy rates offsetting energy demand and reducing your power bill.
  • Energy generated by solar panels can be stored for future-use.  During a power outage, the batter can be used to provide emergency power to essential appliances.


  • Extended product warranty to 12 years
  • 25-year linear performance guarantee with a nominal output of 83.6% after 25 years
  • LG 12 Year Warranty Brochure

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