Solar Rising: Customer Reviews and Testimonies

The people at Solar Rising were the most helpful and responsive in answering our questions about the installation process.

Their cost estimate for the project was the lowest of the 3 providers we contacted. Their installation crew did a great job and we are extremely happy with the results!


Wareham, MA

I’d been wanting to get Solar Panels on my house ever since I bought it last year. After meeting with the guys at Solar Rising, my wife and I knew we were making the right decision.

The whole process couldn’t have been any easier. They worked around our busy schedule and were done with the job in one day. I recommend to all of my friends who own a home to give Solar Rising a call. It’s easier than you think!


Mashpee, MA

I had been considering going solar for about a year now. When I heard the electric company was raising their rates by almost 40% I knew it was time.

Solar Rising made me realize how affordable and cost effective the solar PV system is. They also explained all the rebates and tax credits to me and how they work. Solar Rising handled all of the paper work so the whole process was quick, painless,  and most of all stress free! All the work they preformed on my house was excellent, and they used  top of the line products so I know there won’t be any issues. Solar Rising takes great pride in their work and it shows! I would highly recommend them to my friends and family!  Thanks!


East Falmouth, MA

Solar Rising explained every detail in terms we could understand and answered all our questions.

They completed the installation in one day and continued to be in touch with us with the next phase of the process.  They did an excellent job and we would recommend Solar Rising to anyone interested in converting to solar.


Weymouth, MA

Working with the Solar Rising team was 1st class.

Based on a recommendation  from our neighbor, who was also our builder, we decided to ask Solar  Rising to install our solar system. They delivered what they promised and the delivered it on time. And, whenever we have had questions, they were diligent in finding us an answer. We have had our solar system now for approximately 1 1/2 years and we are extremely pleased with it.


Falmouth, MA

Solar Rising made all the paperwork painless and made sure we got credits and rebates easily and quickly. They are professional and inspire confidence and trust.

I was so happy with the results they are installing systems on both of my children’s homes. I am 100% satisfied with the work and the company.


Quincy, MA

Solar Rising have been very professional and have taken care of everything from paperwork to installation. They helped us get our tax credits and signed us up for all the sites we needed to get connected with the state for our certification.

One the few occasions we have had an issue or credit the response time has been excellent. We are so happy with our project and the results have  been better than expected. I highly recommend Solar Rising and its services. Solar is the way to go!


Falmouth, MA