Solar Loans and Financing

There are many different loan and tax programs that can help reduce the cost of developing your solar array system.

However, it can seem like a daunting task to wade through all of your options since these programs change frequently, have different expiration dates, and different qualifications to meet. But, even so, these programs can be a good way to save on the up-front costs.

The New Mass Solar program is a good example. Homeowners that fall below 120% of the state’s median income can qualify for a 20-30% reduction off the cost of the system with some customers seeing paybacks close to 2 years. Solar Rising has partnered with First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union to bring low interest fixed rates for customers that meet the minimum 650 credit score.


We are here to help

At Solar Rising, we consider it our job to help you navigate through these different programs to find which programs are available, which ones you may qualify for, and to find alternate ways for you to save on your solar system.

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