Commercial Solar Energy Installation in Cape Cod


Powering your business with solar can be one of the best investments to make.


Commercial Solar Panel Contractors

Powering your business with solar can be one of the best investments a company can make. Not only can you eliminate your electric bill, you can also take advantage of the generous federal tax incentives available to businesses only.

System Monitoring

Included with every Solar Rising System is a remote monitoring system which allows us to monitor and troubleshoot your system from our office 24-7. At any point in time we can tell you exactly how every individual panel is operating giving you the comfort of knowing your system is working at its best.  For more information on our solar energy products, call us today!



Smart Program

The SMART program is a declining block program in which the incentive levels will decline by prescribed amounts over up to eight blocks per Electric Distribution Company (EDC) territory. There are set-aside amounts for small projects (≤ 25 kW AC) in each block to enable projects of all sizes to participate. SMART also has Adders available that increase the amount of the incentive if features such as Energy Storage, Community Solar, or various location-based installations are proposed.

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Solar Panel Contractors

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Solar Rising

Working with the Solar Rising team was 1st class.  They delivered what they promised and the delivered it on time.  And, whenever we have had questions, they were diligent in finding us an answer.

Falmouth, MA

Solar Rising has been very professional and have taken care of everything from paperwork to installation. One the few occasions we have had an issue or credit the response time has been excellent. We are so happy with our project and the results have been better than expected.

Falmouth, MA

Solar Rising is professional and inspire confidence and trust. I am 100% satisfied with the work and the company.

Quincy, MA

Real-time Solar Energy Generation

Live data from one our residential solar panel installations in East Falmouth, Massachusetts.