sonnenBatterie eco 10

The sonnenBatterie is a complete system – ready for connection. Inside of every sonnenBatterie you’ll find not only the extremely durable lithium iron phosphate battery modules but also an inverter, an intelligent energy manager and the software to run it all smoothly – all in one compact box.



Tech Specs.

Tech specs eco 10
Total Capacity (@ 90% DOD)^2
Nominal Power Rating
(off-grid output at 25 deg C)
Nominal Power Rating
7 kW
(on-grid output at 25 deg C)
Weight (approximate)
Dimensions W”/H”/D”
Off-Grid specification
Continuous AC Output current
33.3 A
Max Power 100ms – 17 KVA
5s – 12 KVA
30m – 9 KVA
Max AC current 1ms – 100A
(Chage / Discharge)
100ms – 70.7A
5s – 50A
30m – 37.5A
General Specification
Grid Integration AC Coupled
Applications Self- Consumtion
Backup power
Transfer Switch
Automatic, integrated
Useable Capacity
2.25 kWh per battery module, up to 8 modules
Listed/Recognized Components
System certified – UL9540
Battery Modules – UL1973
Inverter – UL1741
Transfer Switch – UL1008
AC Breaker – UL489
10 year or 10000 cycle system warranty
includes inverter, battery modules, cabinet and components
Inverter Efficency
92.5% CEC weighted, 95.0% peak
Roundtrip efficency % (grid<>battery)
> = 86%
Temp Range 41*F-113*f
Ventilation Forced Air
Comm. ports Ethernet
Comm. protocol / control
Sunspec Alliance/ API available to select partners
EMC / EMI protection
FCC Part 15B
Battery Specification
DC battery input voltage
44.5-53.3 VDC
Max Charge current
50A per module
Overcharge Protection
MOSFET & Fuse protection
Cell Discharge
2.5kWh with 90% DoD
AC Specification
AC Grid Voltage 120/240 VAC (Split phase)
Nominal AC input current
eco 7.5 15 amps
eco 10-20 29 amps
Nominal Frequency
60 Hz
Ajustable Frequency Range
+ or – .7 Hz from nominal
Metering Capability
Power meter for load and PV production (not revinue grade)
Tare losses (W) 60 Watts
Transient protection
IEEE C62.41 Class B