Pika – Harbor 6™ Smart Battery

Harbor is the most powerful and flexible smart battery available to homeowners today. Pika’s Harbor smart battery has enough power, capacity and capability to help customers save money through time of use programs and self supply, while also serving backup duty.

Harbor not only features more capacity and power than other smart batteries, it has unique performance characteristics that set it apart as well. Thanks to our battery’s “black-start” capability, Harbor is an ideal choice for backup duty. If the battery is ever completely drained, it can restart the system using solar power alone, without the help of the grid. This capability cannot be replicated with AC coupled batteries.

Harbor smart batteries couple directly to the Pika Islanding Inverter without any efficiency-robbing intermediate hardware. This pairing allows the battery to be used for time-of-use optimization, demand charge management and even zero-export applications.

Harbor smart batteries are powered by 3-6 Panasonic Li-ion modules. This modular design yields incredible application flexibility, allowing system integrators to match any need and any budget. Harbor may be upgraded post-installation with the installation of additional battery modules, unlocking greater power and capacity.

To use this product you MUST HAVE the Pika Islander Inverter as shown below



Technical Specs:

Harbor 6™ 
Series Panasonic Li-ion Modules 6x DCB-105 Modules
Total Energy Capacity 20.3kWh
Usable Energy Capacity 17.1kWh
Power: 2 Minutes 10.0kW
Power: 60 Minutes 8.4kW
Power: Continuous Rated 6.7kW
Round-trip Efficiency: REbus™ to REbus (DC to DC) 96.5%
Backup Black-start Yes
REbus Voltage: Input/Output 380 VDC
DC Current: Input/Output 24A
Maximum Installation Altitude 9834ft, 3000m
Depth of Discharge 84%
Recommended Operating Temperature 54-86°F
Communications Protocol REbus DC Nanogrid
Remote Monitoring REview™ Dashboard
Dimensions 68 x 22 x 10in
Compliance UL 9540, UL 1973, UL 1642, CSA 22.2
Panasonic Battery Module Warranty 10 years
Pika Electronics and Enclosure Warranty 10 years

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