Pika Energy Island - Solar Rising

Pika Energy Island

With a Pika Energy Island, you don’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle during grid interruptions or peak-rate periods. Up to 17.1kWh of storage per battery and up to 12.0kW of output per system make the Pika Energy Island more powerful than any other solar plus storage solution on the market. A single Pika Islanding Inverter can control multiple batteries and solar arrays, allowing you to add even more power and capacity to your system.


  • Up to 17.1kWh of storage per smart battery keeps your home powered by solar 24/7
  • Up to 12.0kW of backup power keeps AC, well-pumps, lights and refrigerators running.
  • Intelligent System modes manage your energy costs automatically.
  • Connect multiple batteries to a single inverter for the ultimate backup system.