Pika Islanding Inverter

The Pika Islanding Inverter is the foundation of elegant solutions to complex energy problems; today and tomorrow. Designed from the start to integrate solar and storage, this is a true, no-compromise device that provides more power, capacity and efficiency than others can offer.





  • Elegant – No other solar-plus-storage system offers as much power and performance with so few parts
  • Powerful – Up to 12kW of instantaneous backup power ensures that you lose nothing when the grid goes down
  • Flexible – Choose the battery type that suites your needs best
  • Smart – Automatically optimizes you relationship with the utility, reducing your energy costs and your carbon footprint

Inverter Specs:

AC OUTPUT / GRID-TIE X7600 Series X11400 Series
Rated AC Power Output 7.6kW 11.4kW
Grid battery charging Yes
Rated AC Backup Power Output 8.0kW
Maximum AC Backup Power Output 12.0kW
AC Backup Output Voltage 120/240 VAC
Automatic Switchover Time < 1 Second
Nominal DC Input Voltage 380 VDC
Peak Efficiency 98%
CEC Weighted Efficiency 97%
Safety Standards UL1741, UL1741 SA, CSA 22.2
Grid Connection Standards IEEE1547, Rule 21, Rule 14H
Emission Standards FCC part15 class B

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