Solar Incentives for Massachusetts Homeowners and Businesses

There are many incentives offered to those who are willing to get Solar power. These incentives are listed below.

The Massachusetts CEC has developed a energy storage incentive. This gives customers the incentive to install clean energy storage.

In turn, customers gain a large amount of savings for reducing their energy costs, peak capacity, the cost of ancillary services, wholesale market costs, transmission and distribution costs, and costs associated with the integration of distributed energy resources.

The Federal solar tax credit is a huge incentive to get your very own solar system. If you purchase a solar system this tax credit is equal to 26% of the cost of your solar system. This amount is then deducted out of your federal taxes.

The SMART program is a declining block program in which the incentive levels will decline by prescribed amounts over time. There are incentive amounts set-aside for small projects (≤ 25 kW AC). SMART also has adders available that increase the amount of the incentive if features such as Energy Storage, Community Solar, or various location-based installations are proposed.