Solar Rising: How Solar Energy Works?


Photovoltaics (PV) systems make use of the sun’s energy by converting it to electricity that you use to power your house or business, and can produce some or all of your electric needs and more. Solar systems combine a series of components to convert the sun’s energy into electricity:

1.  A Solar Array consisting of series of panels mounted on your roof or ground mounted that are directed towards the sun which convert sunlight into Direct Current (DC);

2.  An Inverter which converts the DC power produced by the panels into Alternating Current (AC) electricity, which is the form of electricity used in your home or business;

3.  A Net Meter (supplied free by the utility company) which measures how much power your solar system is producing and how much power your house or business is using. Your electric bill is based on the net difference between what you produce and what you consume called net metering. Where you generate more power than you use, you send excess power into the grid and the meter runs in reverse generating credits on your electric bill that are used later;

4. The Utility Grid remains connected to your home or business and acts as your battery providing power to your home at night or when the sun is not shining.  The cost of using the grid’s energy is offset by the amount of excess power you send into the grid during the day; and

5.  An Online Dashboard that allows you to watch your system produce electricity. We use only the highest quality products to insure the best overall performance.


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