Battery Storage

Using solar systems with battery storage opens opportunities to supply power your home in a power outage. You can have uninterrupted power for days, depending on the size of the solar and battery storage option you choose. Your solar array will supply power to recharge your battery, as long the sun is out and panels are free of snow.


Want to add battery storage to your solar system?

Let Solar Rising help you choose the right battery that best suits for needs. Here are our supported battery brands. Please feel free to look through their descriptions; then contact us and we will discuss battery storage options in your home or business!

Powerwall allows you to store 14 kWh of energy. This energy can run your home during the night, or in the event of a power outage, without accessing the grid. Powerwall is compact, safe, and includes a built-in battery inverter. The battery inverter provides easier integration and over-the-air updates for new features and functions.

Enphase Energy changed solar power conversion with their microinverter technology. Furthermore, they have revolutionized energy storage with their newly released Ensemble Series. 

All components of the Ensemble series work together to create your own individual micro-grid, offering true energy independence from the grid.

Your solar panels will continue to operate regardless of whether the electricity grid is up or down. The Ensemble line will reliably supply usable energy for days, not hours. The Ensemble line is essentially the most reliable grid-tied battery backup solution on the market to date.

The Generac PWRcell is an ecosystem of integrated products designed to enable any building to generate, store, and consume its own clean energy. The PWRcell system offers the power efficiency needed to meet todays complex energy demands. From resilience to smart energy management, the General PWRcell makes home energy storage simple, smart, and powerful.

The sonnenBatterie is an energy storage solution for your home that uses intelligent software to manage energy throughout the day. This will save you money, providing backup power and enabling you to use your solar power at night.

SolarEdge’s StorEdge DC storage solution coupled with the LG RESU 10 battery can be used to increase energy independence for homeowners. The battery is automatically charged and discharged to meet consumption needs, reducing the amount of power purchased from the grid.

The Goal Zero Power Station is a low-cost solution for energy storage. This runs essential circuits during a power outage. Additionally, the unit also doubles as a portable power station for power on the go.

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